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Belouga - CINU

Transforming teachers and students into classrooms

Collaborative educational series & shows aligned to subject area, standards and the global goals.

Making education impactful

for learners worldwide

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Connecting classrooms around the world

to encourage intercultural communication and create a better tomorrow.
‘Belouga is an online platform that connects classrooms around the world. Teachers are able to connect with other classrooms and have their students individually matched in order to share and collaborate with their peers around the world. Students are able to access guided content to help them connect on similarities and better understand differences by learning about the world, with the world. All the while, classrooms earn points for their communication that help support schools in need.’


“A key shift in curiosity-based learning is in the role of the teacher. The instructor changes from the traditional role of director/dictator to one as a facilitator of the students’ learning process. Additionally they function as a peer and consequently as a co-learner in the group sessions.”

Curiosoty Based Learning

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Unpacking the SDGs

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Belouga shares the vision of the United Nations and the adopting States by actively promoting the Agenda 2030 to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. Through Belouga, students and educators learn cultural diversities, expanding horizons and knowledge on relevant themes.
This strategy provides students with an opportunity to not only learn from their peers around the world, but to take action towards global sustainability together.


95 students from the United States and Rwanda got connected through Belouga.
Students learned from each other and their new knowledge of dierent cultures and geographies can have a second hand impact on the 750+ students in both schools and thousands of people in their own communities.


Specific themes on environmental protection were discussed among the students, highlighting the major risks factors of each community and potential solutions. A joint message of importance of protecting our planet was shared afterwards with both communities to increase awareness on those themes.


Both students from Rwanda and Wisconsin reported an extremely positive experience and how the Belouga program has changed their perspective igniting a global approach to learning.


De Pere Middle School, Rwamagana Lutheran School and Belouga’s alliance strengthens synergies and complementaries for greater social impact regionally and globally.


Fostering peaceful societies, the experience reported by the local teachers demostrated how the program changed the students’ perspective.

How It works

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Teall Your Story

Teachers and students are able to create profiles to showcase their classroom and culture to the world.


Classes are able to search and connect with other classrooms around the world based on age, location and demographic.


Once connected, students in both classes are paired with a partner to provide a 1:1 personal learning experience through curriculum questions that give students an inside look at how other students are living both in and out of the classroom.


Teachers and students have access to a content portal, featuring activities and missions combining real world
learning initiatives and global sustainability with common core curriculum.s

Earn Points

Classrooms earn points and badges for all engagement from their students interacting with partner classes and completing featured educational material.


Points are accumulated and able to be donated by each class to different impact campaigns that look to benefit under resourced schools around the world.

Belouga in Colombia

Transforming teachers and students into classrooms

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