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Successful businesses are successful at solving problems; they are problem-solving machines. But what if, businesses are not using their machines to their fullest problem-solving potential?

What if your immediate customer is only your first customer? What if, problem-solving for those beyond your initial point of sale is not only good for business, it is good for the world? In 2012 at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, the UN announced their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The purpose of the SDGs is to establish a clear understanding of the most urgent environmental, political, and economic challenges facing our planet and to drive action around them. The overall goal is to find solutions to all 17 goals no later than 2030.

What if finding solutions to these SDGs is also good for business? What if you started considering how does your business’ mission address the SDGs?

Since the SDGs were first announced, most interest and action has come from nonprofits and schools. But the issues being solved affect everyone and, if they are to be solved by 2030, it is going to take a collaborative effort that extends beyond schoolchildren and big-hearted volunteers.

By partnering with organizations like, private enterprises can get involved and start making a global impact that is not only smart business, it is smart for the future of the planet.

Because without a sustainable future for our planet, businesses will soon run out of both the resources and customers required to sustain their business. By engaging with students and teachers when and how it matters most to them, you are also creating the conditions to make that engagement memorable, thus more sustainable for both your profit and planet. A true, “win-win.” is currently partnering with brands and organizations to connect the dots between ideas and actions. They are doing so by creating lessons that allow students and teachers dive deep into the underlying problems behind the 17 biggest problems facing our planet and then provide them with a digital platform to collaborate and create solutions that can solve them.

Belouga is a digital platform that connects classrooms around the world focused on creating cultural bridges through everyday communication and collaboration. The platform features educational content, known as Deep Dive series, which provides teachers with the opportunity to bring real-world learning initiatives into their classroom, while providing students with the ability to learn about the world, with the world through everyday global collaboration.

By partnering with Belouga, brands can now do more than just say they care about the people and planet they do business with, they can take direct action in supporting the solutions that will actually solve the problems.

What if the future of business is connected, collaborative, and engaged in problem-solving for their customers as well as their planet?

Belouga is currently active in over 2,200 classrooms in 82 countries. For more information, interviews or access to the Belouga content library please contact:

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